Nabla: "I would like to resume the dialogue in the previous thought, to move from the scientific to the religious tradition and spiritual. Apart from the problems of our country, we said that science is a very valuable tool knowledge, and we would like to extend the scientific method in all areas of know human. The problem is that the rigorous scientific method, one that is based on mathematics, currently only it applies to physics. If we move to other sciences, such as biology and medicine, application of the scientific method based on mathematics is not yet feasible. then again, we can not even conceive of a use of this method to the so-called human sciences or spirit.
on the other hand, over the know scientific, we can not deny that there are issues dear and important for the 'be human, that can not be ignored: about justice, the soul, ethics, about life in relation to death. The problem is that in these areas almost grope in the dark. in this sense, the ancients thought that these concepts were knowable with different tools:

• Reason (see Plato)
Experience mystique (see Buddha)
• Divine Revelation (see prophets)

Although we can not deny the validity of these methods of investigation, that however we have conducted to date, from there to the present time it has passed philosophy under these bridges. The thing that amazes me is that many people do not take into account the evolution that has been thought and passively revive old ideas and outdated, without even considering all there was after. In summary, atavism is an attractive refuge, but away from an attitude of search open and constructive. Especially in the religious-spiritual there is a strong will not to look ahead, reclining on the comfortable certainty of an ancient tradition that claims to have a monopoly on knowledge. Today it is easy to talk about Buddha, Christ (and I will do sometimes) then I wonder: but who was Jesus Christ? Chi era Buddha? What it was really their message? It is actually one of the sacred texts? I must admit that there are parts of these texts that - to put it delicately - convince me very little. Anyway, it is undeniable that many pages of these writings are an irreplaceable source of inspiration ".
Marco: "In each case what it was the real message we'll never know. But I also wonder where is the liberation that they promised?".
Nabla: "I disagree on this point. I think that humanity is saved thanks to these people. If it were not for the Saints, enlightened and Jesus Christ, the obscure parts of 'uomo they would have taken over and humanity would long since destroyed itself ".
Marco: "There fine I am not criticizing Buddha, but some ways of interpreting Buddhism: what he taught Buddha We do not really ever know. We have only damped wave, filtered and distorted his teachings. In fact - as You mentioned you before – for this reason we should look ahead. Take a cue from antiquity is fine, but – in my opinion – we should put something ourselves. practically, teaching must be accepted as a source of inspiration, but then reason with our head and we submit the cover the test of our life psychological and relational. Unlike, it often seems the race "smart" prefer to get automaton, rather than looking for their own way. Rather than learn, we prefer to copy. Rather than trying ourselves, we prefer to identify with other entities. Few really succeed in be ʱ??creators of their own existence" is, paradoxically, the Philosopher's Stone is just knowing our true nature and express it fully. The philosophy and religions should release, no trap. I realized that, often, passively absorb ideologies, without understanding what is best for us. at the end, not the doctrine that matters, ma l’uomo the same who taught and lived. are not the words that make a great maestro, but his behavior, its simple be as well as. This is the hardest thing to pass and we have to settle for a faded echo. Unfortunately many exchange this labile vibration with the original sound. Then, going back to what we said in the previous thought, the problem is always the same: the writings of the ancients are a source of inspiration, not a model to follow that completely excludes our autonomy. In short, about faith and ancient wisdom guide us, but let us stop to take shelter behind the shield of the doctrines to not get involved really. When I look absurd behavior, that evildoers justified by the faith Blind in one religion, I have to give a reason to those who see in religions only a means to dominate the masses or a refuge for not live really. Perhaps annichilirle is the solution '.
Nabla: "But we could say the same thing about science. Why not abandon it because scientists have created the atomic bombs? Also, There are scientists who have completed and, continue to make, horrible experiments in order to advance the scientific progress.
is not the religion in sé, is the interpretation and the use we make to make us virtuous or petty. I want to say, if we take the scriptures of any religion we find everything and its opposite. Unfortunately, some parts of Bible I am pregnant by the hardness of the pre-Christian Jewish God, which makes use of a language aggressive and threatening. On the same line, the epistles of the church fathers are the next interpretation of Jesus' message Christ. The Gospel It is very close to the words of Maestro, but certainly we can not identify totally with the Inquiry. Even the closest disciples to him were men, and therefore subject to all the pitfalls of human imperfection, In fact, "... Jesus, turning, disse a Pietro: "Get away from me, Satan! Thou art an offense. You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men ". This was told the principal heir of the city of God in world. You understand fine as Jesus himself harbored doubts about his disciples, also on the Apostles whom He has chosen. It is safe to assume that the religious representatives should have the right to speak regarding the basic laws on the protection of human rights, the error in the imposition of dogma ".
Marco: "The problem is that we give too much importance to the thought and to the words. I realized how much people are attached to books and the dogmatic traditions. The book can be the bridge that takes us through the valley, but we have to put our legs. in my opinion, it was not the doctrine that has made great divine inspiration, As the social work that these masters, and their followers more authentic, They have made. for example, Christian theology is that the Buddhist scriptures are full of contradictions. But there is one factor has united the two masters: is Jesus Christ Buddha who fought for 'equality social, They have defended the weak, not forgetting to comply with even the most powerful. They never had preconceptions about men, it was just the way of act people who interested them. They did not offer thousands of books and sterile dogmas on which argue and fight, their only desire It was to make the best men! Why not have written? The rules and writings must be, the ma religion is not limited to what. The danger of self-righteousness is always this, but Jesus himself admonished us for eternity:
"On the seat of Moses they sat down the scribes and Pharisees. 3What you say, do and observe, but do not ye after their works, they say, and do not. 4They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men's shoulders, but they will not move them with one finger. 5But all their works they do for to be seen of men: widen their phylacteries and longer tassels; 6They love the place of honor at banquets, the best seats in the synagogues seventh greetings in the markets, come anche sentirsi chiamare maestro dalla gente. 8
25Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!, You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and excess. 26Blind Pharisee, First clean the inside of the glass, because it and the outside net!
27Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!, They are like whitewashed tombs: they are outside clear to behold, ma dentro sono pieni di ossa di dead e di ogni putridume. 28So you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Matteo 23,1-28 ʱ??.

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